dreamanimpossibledream said: hi. I'm looking to get into longboarding. I've never skateboarded or surfed or snowboarded. I'm thinking of asking for a pintail longboard for my sixteenth birthday. I'm not athletically inclined, so I'm a bit worried. and I'm afraid that I'd just give up if it was too hard. I just don't want to spend money on something I'm going to quit after a week or two. and I'm in high school, so if it's something that requires a lot of time, I don't have it. is there any advice you could give?

My advice is to make sure you get reverse king pin trucks like paris or buck as opposed to the traditional king pin trucks like Independents or Ace and to change your bushings to barrel/barrel as opposed to cone/cone.  

Figure out what that means before you buy and you’ll be loads ahead of most beginners.

Check out my Q/A if you’d like or research elsewhere. 


Bend your knees more.

Also Also. 

NO ONE has a lot of time.  You have to make time if you want it.

Published on 15 Jul 2013

Anonymous said: It inspires me to read your blog and see how far you've come in just a year! I've only been longboarding for a month but I want to try out all styles. What would you suggest I work on to get a good start in each discipline?

Find a way to skate everyday, whether for 5 minutes or 5 hours, you should skate everyday.  Push everywhere.  Try things on your board.  Find people to skate with.  Try every board you can.  Ask people about their equipment. Change your bushings.  Go to competitions whether you compete or not.  Get a helmet, get gloves. Learn to footbrake. Learn to cross step.  Learn to coleman.  Learn to tuck.  Expect to fall.  Get back up.  

Published on 13 Dec 2012

Anonymous said: Hi Daisy glad you leg is healing! This will be my first winter as a longboarder and I'm not sure if I should try to brave the elements? or practice inside on carpet? obviously I cant really skate in my living room but i'm sure there's some things I could practice that might help? Any advice?

Balance on things.  Do plyometrics and excersizes to increase muscle strength.  Find an indoor skatepark and try that. Carpet board on just the board on a carpet.  No trucks, no wheels.  Shit, go skate in the snow if you’ve got the balls.  Find your speed tuck.  Stretch it out.  Work on core strength.

Published on 13 Dec 2012

thisgvy said: hey mate c: i live in New Zealand and looove to longboard haha whats your set up ?

Hmmm.  Because this question is easier to answer than the other questions in my inbox right now, I’m going to entertain.

The main board I’m riding right now is a Coruja from Blue Sky Longboards, my board sponsor.  It’s a double-kick free ride board, a little flexy.  Paris 180s, Blue and Yellow barrel Riptide bushings, flat washers. Purple Fat Frees.

My downhill board is a Bustin prototype to the EQ. It’s 10”w, 32.5”L, with a 29.5”WB.  Blue Sky is making me a top mount downhill board that is 9” wide with wheelbases for 28” and 26.5”.  I suspect that I should be at a fairly small wheelbase, and an accordingly small board, but would prefer there to be a middle ground before I drop it down so fast.  Orange In Heats for grip runs, Purple 4 Pres for technical downhill, though I haven’t started to slide them yet, just took them for a few spins down Maryhill.

My downhill set up is Paris/Prandals.  That’s 50 degree Paris Trucks in the front with a 42 degree Randal baseplate in the back with paris hanger.  I have a ¼ inch shock pad riser on the back since the 42 degree plate is lower than the 50 degree. I run Purple venom barrel boardside and streetside a Yellow venom barrel in the back and an orange venom barrel in the front. Not shr.  Reflex Cup washers, and I’m getting fancy with Riot pivot cups next time I go out there.  Not sure which duro, I have all three to try.  I suppose I’ll probably use hardest for downhill, medium for freeride, and softest for dancing.

I also have a Loaded Sama Flex 2 with orange/purple nipples, paris 180s.  Don’t fuck with my dancing set up, it’s perfect. Lol. Yellow Baluts.

My freeride set up is not very dialed, but I feel pretty good about my downhill set up right meow, though I plan to try different trucks before race and competition season picks up this spring.

I also have a Finch from Blue Sky Longboards, it’s a city cruiser, nice and small, small orange nipples on the bottom, bones hardcore cones on top.  I currently have it set up with Orange Fucking In Heats and tons of risers cause IDGAF.  Also, because there’s a Go Pro mount set up into it.

And I have a street board.  The smallest legitimate deck I’ve ever seen, lol. Alien Workshop.  Venture trucks.  I don’t know the bushings.  I’m gonna most likely just carpet board with this over winter because my leg doesn’t want me learning to street skate right now.

Being gifted a tech slide board as well.  Earth Wing La Paloma Rapido.  Indy169s, Earthwing Slide As, and Bones hardcore bushings medium…


Makes me want to go skateboard, but I just got back.

Published on 4 Dec 2012

whimsicalrose said: hey daisy! what's the word on puerto rico this january? i wanna race ya! :D

I’m coming, I think.  I’d say… 75%?

Anonymous said: You smoke weed?

Consistently, whether I am alone or in a social setting, and without remorse or concern for other adult’s perceptions of me regarding the matter.  I don’t smoke around cops unless they are off duty,  I don’t smoke around children, and I’ll go around back whenever needed.  My current conversation is whether we are smoking this blunt before or after dinner.  We’re gonna halvsies it.  Usually I’m a bowl girl, though.  Sneak a toke if I’m sort of in public, joint or spliff if it’s passed to me, but I’m terrible at rolling them myself and I can’t keep tobacco around because I’ll smoke it when I run out of weed and I quit smoking cigarettes and don’t want to start again because they’re bad.  But if you smoke ‘em, whatever.  Your decision.  I love the smell.

Anonymous said: I just got a new setup that I actually wanna take care of, instead of succumbing it to rain slide sessions etc. What maintenance/care tips do you have? Thanks, appreciate it and you!

Hmmm.  Well, you should not ride it in the rain, learn how to early grab over small puddles if you find yourself in them often, and clean your bearings right after a particularly dirty session.  Shake them up in alcohol until the water’s really dirty then not so dirty after you change it.  Dry them completely, lube them, pop them back in.  If you have extra bearings then you can just change them out, then wash the old ones and let them air dry without losing skate time.

Don’t leave your board outside over night when it rains, submerge it in a trash can of water at a race, blow your trick and lose it in a pond, or get so worried about it’s appearance that you don’t thrash it like it was meant to be thrashed.

I don’t do that really though.  I just ride through grime and put in new bearings when they get shitty, which may be more often than you’d like to deal with.

surff-it said: know any good skate blogs?

ysa-skate, goschkate, longboardlotus, cindyzhou, amandapowell, freeriderpdub, skatedistrict, londonlongboards, 

Anonymous said: do you know of the loaded dh board and its release?

I do know of the loaded dh board, and it will be released one day.  

Probably about the same time as the West Coastin’ video, which apparently has a release date of “after everyone stops caring.”

Anonymous said: I constantly still get really scared while attempting to slide. I have the toughest time commiting to it. Any suggestions?

My short answer is: Go faster & get slide wheels. Not gummy and with a rounded lip.  But really, you should scroll through the q/a link on my page.  I’ve written much longer answers to this question than i have time for now.  Godspeed.